We believe in
the unstoppable
power of imagination.

Transforming the world through interdisciplinary design-led research.

ImaginationLancaster is an open and exploratory globally recognised design-led research lab at Lancaster University, one of the top 10 universities in the UK.

We conduct interdisciplinary design and architecture research into current and future challenges facing cities, communities, factories, workplaces and homes.

Our critical mass of diverse, internationally acclaimed researchers work together in an open, ‘anti-disciplinary’ culture delivering new knowledge and concepts for places, products, services and policy.



With partnerships across multiple sectors and industries our rigorous and unique approach facilitates innovation and provides fresh perspectives on real world issues.

We work at local, regional, national and international scales to deliver new solutions to complex global challenges. Our research contributes to a healthier, more prosperous and sustainable world.

We offer Undergraduate, Masters, and PhD study opportunities. All our staff are active researchers with extensive expertise in teaching. To find out more please watch our series of short films on Imagination.

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