Daniel Richards

Lecturer in Data Prototyping and Visualisation

Design & Manufacturing, Generative Design, Visualisation, Computational Design, Human-Computer Interaction, Digital Fabrication, Speculative Design

+44 (0) 1524 595122


Daniel Richards is a designer and researcher who joined ImaginationLancaster in September 2015 as a Lecturer in Data Prototyping and Visualisation. His research interests involve fusing design, unconventional computing and digital fabrication to explore the future of manufacturing. His work uses generative design as a means to disrupt the conception (e.g. visualisation and exploration), dissemination (e.g. collaboration and commercialisation) and consumption (e.g. interaction and mass customisation) of next-generation products through experimental design services and interactive applications.

His on-going work focuses on playful interactive design tools for making 3-D printed products. His work has been published and presented internationally at high-profile design and scientific conferences, while his creative works have been exhibited across the UK, China, and the USA.