Dr Noor Aldoy

Design and Innovation Manager - Lancaster China Catalyst Programme , July 2013 to July 2016 Digital Design, Industrial Design, Visualisation, Design Practice, Design Education

Noor Aldoy holds a 1st Class Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Design and Technology  and a Master of Science degree in Industrial Design from Loughborough University. Soon after completing her Masters,  Noor was awarded a PhD studentship by Loughborough Design School and the Engineering Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. In 2011, she completed her PhD in Digital Industrial Design.

Noor has been a member of the Design Practice Research group and her work focused on methods of digital industrial design and curriculum development for undergraduate study with outcomes being presented in several conferences and published in design journals. She has worked as a co-investigator in Hewlett Packard Innovation in Education grant to explore the use of the Tablet PC as a tool for sketching during concept generation. Noor joined Lancaster University in 2013 from the Arts University at Bournemouth, where she worked as a lecturer of digital space and technologies. Her research interests centre on the use of computer technologies within design practice.