Dr Pragya Agarwal

Reader in Spaces and Places, September 2009 to December 2012 Place and Sense of Place, Spatial Cognition, Navigational Technologies, Mobility, Information Visualisation, Semantics and Spatial Ontologies Pragya is a Reader in ImaginationLancaster, and leads the 'PLACE Lab'.


With a degree in Architecture and a PhD in Geographic Information Science, her research activities have always been inter-disciplinary. Her primary interests have been to find innovative ways to capture, analyse, understand and visualise people’s behaviour in the urban environment at the confluence of spaces and technology. This is especially pertinent in the light of recent developments in location-based, as well as adaptive and ubiquitous technologies. Pragya is on programme committees for many international conference and seminar series, and has published well-cited papers on place and sense of place. She is on the panel for the Lancaster Design awards.

Pragya is the Director of Undergraduate studies in Design taught as part of the BSc Hons. in ‘Marketing and Design’.