Eun Yu

Understanding Service Design practices and contributions to New Service Development

Service Design has contributed to the design for enhanced service experiences with its unique strategy and approach that are underpinned in human-centered perspectives and multiple design methods and tools. However, these contributions of Service Design approach have been relatively confined to the earlier phase of New Service Development (NSD) process, while less attention has been paid to service implementation. While Service Design practices increasingly engage in service implementation, the empirical research to observe and interpret them is very limited. Therefore, this research aims to understand if Service Design approach could contribute to the implementation of services, and if so, how. Also it will explore how Service Design approach to service implementation could be uniquely positioned in the wide field of service research.


Eun Yu is a PhD candidate at imagination Lancaster, Lancaster University. She is particularly interested in Service Design, User Experience Design, and Interaction Design. She had been a user interface designer since 1998 until 2012 at NCsoft Corporation and Ahngraphics in South Korea, working on designing interfaces for mobile and web services. While working at the company, she tought undergraduate students Web/Interaction Design at Hanyang University and Kunkook University as a part-time lecturer for 3 years. She holds a Bachelor degree and a Master degree in Visual Communication Design from Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea.