Leon Cruickshank

Director of Research ImaginationLancaster, Professor of Design and Creative Exchange

Co-Design, Open Design and Innovation, Design for the Public Sector, User Centred and User-Led Design, Interactive Design, Technology and Society, Design Methodology, Design Theory and Philosophy

Leon is Director of Research for ImaginationLancaster and principle investigator for Beyond Imaginationa 3 year £13m E3 project, awarded recognising Imagination as a nationally and internationally excellent research group. His focus is on co-design and involving a broad spectrum of stakeholders in research and creative processes. He was Director of Knowledge Exchange for the Creative Exchangethe £5million 4 year project focusing on digital public space and associate director for HighWire, the cross disciplinary EPSRC CDT looking at digital innovation. He also lead the £1.2 million Leapfrog project, transforming public sector engagement through design and the follow on ‘Extending Leapfrog: Improving a million creative conversations’.  He consults for the UN on innovation in government with a focus on open design thinking.

This has led to the emergence of designing knowledge exchange as a research area. He is currently involved in 6 funded projects in this area. He is principle Investigator for the £1.2million AHRC project Leapfrog: transforming public sector engagement by design (www.leapfrog.tools). He is also Director of Knowledge Exchange for the £4 million AHRC Creative Knowledge Exchange Hub and UK lead for the €4 million PROUD project looking at knowledge exchange through co-design


Projects from Leon Cruickshank