Nick Dunn

Executive Director & Professor of Urban Design

Dark Design, Future Cities, Visioning, Spatial Practices

+44 (0) 1524 510793


Nick Dunn is Executive Director of ImaginationLancaster where he is also Professor of Urban Design. He is Senior Fellow of the Institute for Social Futures, examining the insights that the arts and humanities can bring to the ways we think, envision, and analyse the futures of people, places, and planet. His research into urban futures has been funded by the EPSRC, the UK’s Government Office for Science and the Ministry of Defence. Nick has worked with the Alliance for Healthy Cites, European Commission, International Dark-Sky Association, World Health Organization, and sits on various scientific committees and advisory boards. He has curated exhibitions and given talks at public festivals and conferences around the world. His recent publications include Designing Future Cities for Wellbeing (2020), Rethinking Darkness: Cultures, Histories, Practices (2020), and Future Cities: A Visual Guide (2020).