National and international appointments for Imagination senior lecturer

We are pleased to announce that Dr López Galviz has recently taken 2 roles in the field of transport history and policy in recognition of his work on the history of transport, traffic and mobility, specifically in the context of cities.

This autumn, Dr López Galviz took over the position of Academic Lead of the History and Policy series in the Department for Transport (DfT). The series has been running since 2017 and invites historians and other academics to share their work with DfT staff on current issues and topics of relevance and interest to DfT’s work. Given the current covid-19 restrictions, talks and other related events planned as part of the series for 2020 have been put on hold with plans for a new virtual online series starting this December.

“A robust knowledge and contextual understanding of the past can provide a useful background against which those grappling with complex policy issues today may gain much-needed perspective. The policymaking process can benefit greatly from understanding the contexts in which previous decisions have been made, providing the tools to assess evidence and evaluate a range of policy options whose effects will be experienced by future generations.”

History and Policy is a national network of 500+ academic historians and an independent forum for the expression of historical perspectives on today’s policy issues. Its key aim is to promote better public policy through a greater understanding of history. To learn more, visit their website at:

Dr López Galviz has also been elected as the new President of T2M, the International Association for the History of Transport, Traffic and Mobility. Founded in 2003, and with over 70 registered members worldwide, T2M has provided and continues to shape an open intellectual forum to discuss pressing questions such as climate change, sustainability, energy transitions, cultural heritage, development, and health, doing so through the unique lens of transport and mobility.

As Dr López Galviz says: ‘Being elected as T2M’s new president is a great responsibility, not least because of the superb work of my previous and distinguished predecessors. My main goal is for T2M to continue to thrive as well as deepen and extend its influence on all topics related to transport and mobility, in particular, those centred on socio-technical transitions.’

T2M is the leading international organisation of scholars, practitioners and citizens encouraging and promoting a historically informed understanding of current issues on transport, traffic and mobility. To learn more, visit their website at:

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