Working With Groups

The PROUD project are running series of events throughout 2014 designed to share experience and effective techniques with organisations that work with a range of ages, abilities and communities in group situations.

Working with groups can be challenging as well as incredibly rewarding. This could be in the context of a group that you work with day-to-day, or new people you would like to involve in your activities. It could be that to attract funding for a project you need to consult widely in a community, run a friends groups, a co-design project or find new, creative ways to connect with young people effectively.

ImaginationLancaster have developed a range of useful techniques to help working with groups in practical, interesting and fun ways. Through the ‘Working With Groups’ we would like to share our techniques with you, and at the same time learn from others how you go about inspiring lively, creative group work. The events are designed to share experience, techniques and tools to:

> Inspire great group work
> Give people a voice
> Work with different needs and abilities
> Connect people with disparate opinions & viewpoints

This project documents the ‘Working With Groups’ events which will be held in Lancaster, in Eindhoven with our PROUD partners and in collaboration with The Glasgow School of Art in Forres in the Highlands throughout 2014. If you would like to receive an invitation to these events or find out more, please email Gemma Coupe at Tel: 01524 510 893