Adventures in Design Research

adventures in design research
Adventures in Design Research builds on the successful AHRC Next Generation Design Researchers (NGDR) and Design Future Leaders Fellowships workshops (that were attended by over 1300 early career design researchers) held over the last 24 months.

The aim of the Adventures in Design Research work is to uncover and make explicit the personal journeys early career design researchers make from their undergraduate studies through to becoming an early career design researcher. In this work, we are keen to collect journeys that are atypical and unconventional. The Adventures in Design Research  project will be turned into a book and interactive website, which we believe will become a highly valuable resource that will illustrate the journeys of early career design researchers – from undergraduate studies through to early career design researcher. These “rich insights” into the journeys of design researchers across the UK will highlight the important steps, strengths and weaknesses in the development of the next generation of design researchers in the UK and illustrate any gaps, obstacles and challenges in securing funding and other forms of support. The hope is that these rich personal design research “journeys” will contribute to future policy surrounding doctoral and post-doctoral provision in the UK and elsewhere.

Please contact if you are interested in getting involved in this project.