Amazing and Disastrous Group Work

Honest insights into the challenges and benefits of group work were shared by local government officers across Lancashire, all who have elements of public consultation, planning or group work in their roles as they took part in the last of the 'Working With Groups' event series at ImaginationLab

Participants ranged from regeneration and planning, conservation, environment, libraries, democratic services and public health. All brought extensive experience of working with communities, stakeholders and colleagues to share insights into effective group work to inform future projects and events. All were keen to explore creative ways of involving people in making decisions that effect them and gave the Proud team some very useful insights into how we could evolve the tools and approaches on offer to become more effective and useful to the officers in their roles.


5 Lines Tool

An energising icebreaker

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Best and Worst Scenario Tool

A tool to draw out the peoples motivations at the start of a project

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Meeting Organiser Tool

To help groups plan effective meetings

Working With Groups

Masterclass Report