Dissemination Beyond Papers for Early Career Academics

The event took place on Wednesday 10th June and was the IDEAS for Impact team’s final session contribution to this year’s new programme of training events organised by OED (the Organisation and Educational Development department within Lancaster University).

The session followed on from another on Strategic Publishing and Journal Reviewing by Rachel Cowen from the University of Manchester.  ‘Dissemination Beyond Papers’ offered a complimentary perspective to paper-based communication by focusing on other forms of dissemination.  Three presentations were given on different ways to dissemination research.  Three seperate presentations covered the lessons learnt from different ways to disseminate research including using methods such as You Tube videos, building interactive 3D models, workshops, interactive conferences and writing for the national press.  The presentations were delivered by:

Paul Coulton from ImaginationLancaster, LICA,

Roger Whitham and Laura Morris, the IDEAS for Impact team at ImaginationLancaster, LICA

Emmanuel Tsekleves from ImaginationLancaster, LICA

 Other sessions in the OED training programme that were delivered by IDEAS were Early Career Research and Impact more info here, Proposal Writing more info here and Engaging Communitiesmore info here.