Experiencing AI: more-than-human

Future Mundane @ Liverpool World Museum

On the 5th and 6th of August we took the Future Mundane caravan for its first outing to be part of the AI: more-than-human exhibition at the world museum. This first outing was principally to test the robustness of systems and gauge how well it worked with the public. Thanks to Matt’s excellent making skills nothing fell off or broke during 110 miles of towing which was our first concern and Tom’s work on the software meant that it performed without a hitch over the two days. Despite the vagaries of UK weather (which was biblical at times) and the small number of people able to use the caravan at any one time we had 70+ experience the experiential future and gave us some great feedback and responses. There are things we need to improve like the face tracking camera needs upgrading from the basic webcam and incorporate some new features like the olfactory (smell) devices but all in all and excellent result and we can’t wait to take it out again.