ImaginationLancaster to present 7 conference papers, lead 3 workshops and 2 conversations at DRS2020

The Design Research Conference 2020 will be one of the major forums to discuss and present cutting-edge design research. Originally set to take place in Brisbane from the 11-14th August the conference has now gone virtual. Hosted by Griffith University in Australia, DRS2020 explores SYNERGY – the coming together of people and disciplines in design research to create positive impact. Synergy provides exciting possibilities for answering multi-faceted problems, supporting stakeholder initiatives and participation, and transforming existing situations into desirable ones. Professor Rachel Cooper OBE, President of DRS since 2017 and Chair of Design at Imagination, along with the Imagination team of researchers, PhD’s and collaborators look forward to making new connections, conversations and collaborations throughout the conference. The full list of Imagination’s papers, conversations and workshops is below

Conference Papers

A Tarot of Things : a supernatural approach to designing for IoT.
Haider Ali Akmal, Paul Coulton

Challenges and Opportunities in Conducting and Applying Design Research beyond Global North to the Global South
Emmanuel Tsekleves, Andy Darby, Collins Ahorlu, Roger Pickup, Dziedzom de Souza, Daniel Boakye

What’s it like to be Alexa? An exploration of Artificial Intelligence as a Material for Design.
Franziska Pilling, Paul Coulton

Co-designing tools to empower further, independent co-design: collaborating with diverse individuals with lived experience of food poverty
Gemma Coupe, Roger Whitham, Leon Cruickshank, Ben Pearson (Food Power), David Perez

Edge of Tomorrow: Designing Sustainable Edge Computing
Michael Stead, Adrian Gradinar, Paul Coulton, Joseph Lindley

Designing for the Internet of Things: a critical interrogation of IoT processes and principles
Boyeun Lee, Rachel Cooper, David Hands, Paul Coulton

Signs of the Time: Making AI Legible
Joseph Lindley, Haider Ali Akmal, Franziska Louise Pilling, Paul Coulton

Conference workshops

Creating Legible AI – A digital workshop on AI Legibilities
Franziska Louise Pilling, Haider Ali Akmal

Embedding Evaluation into Research Projects – The Percent Evaluation Method
Elisavet Christou, Adrian Gradinar, Pinar Ceyhan

Designing Research Ecosystems from Scratch: What is your ecosystem role?
Badziili Nthubu, Leon Cruickshank, Dan Richards, Rosendy Galabo


Global Health: Reframing the role of Design
Emmanuel Tsekleves, Ming Cheung, Fatima Ghani, Claudia de Souza Libanio

Developing the DRS Design for Policy and Governance Special Interest Group (PoGoSIG)
Scott Schmidt, Emmanuel Tsekleves, Leigh-Anne Hepburn, Vesna Popovic, Philip Ely, Michelle Douglas

Imagination’s Dr Emmanuel Tsekleves as a DRS programme committee member is also chairing two sessions related to the Global Health DRS SIG which relates to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 3 — ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.