ImagingAging at a Making and Doing Session at the Powerhouse Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences in Sydney

On August 29, the annual meeting for the Society of Social Studies of Science held its third session of the Making and Doing Session in the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney that saw the participation of about thirty-four exhibits, including that of ImaginAging.

During the 4-hour long exhibition, ImaginAging showcased some of the prototypes that were developed as the outcome of the workshops it ran in April 2018. Among the prototypes on show were the sugar neutralizer, fictional newspaper front pages depicting what-if scenarios relating to the management of sugar consumption, well as the over-consumption of sugar, a comic book that depicts worst-case medical scenarios when there is no provision for an integrated database for medical and health information, and the first phase of a future foods app that was launched at the event itself.

The ImaginAging booth generated a number of visits as the visitors interacted with the materials on display, and tried out the future food app. Visitors were also interested in the background of the ImaginAging project while discussions on expertise and ethics abound.