Knowledge Exchange Tool Co-Design Continues Across the University

The three part series of labs run as part of the New Ideas project may have finished in December 2012, but the development of the tools created in the labs continues this year

The New Ideas team are the in process of meeting with each of the lab participants across the different faculties in the University to discuss their specific needs with regard to the recently co-designed knowledge exchange tools.  In each of the meetings, the participants have received a unique book that documents the process and outcome of each of the three labs that they took part in.

We have also been finding out which of the tools will be most useful to the participant’s and agreeing on how best to take the tool design further for individual’s needs, so that they can test them in a range of meetings, events and workshops, with both their internal teams and external companies working with the University on current knowledge exchange projects.  Already we have discussed the possible use of the tools in project evaluation planning meetings, producing case studies that demonstrate project impact, the planning of cross-faculty events and international collaboration projects.

Through each participant’s contribution to shaping and help testing the tools in different projects, we hope to produce a New Ideas knowledge exchange tool kit with real use and value to knowledge exchange projects taking place across all of the faculties in the University and their projects internally and externally.