Leapfrog Springs into Action!

The £1.2 million AHRC project launches with a week long workshop and community consultation project drawing together partners from Lancashire with researches from Imagination and Glasgow School of Art

Leapfrog is a 3 year project led by ImaginationLancaster to explore how we can develop more effective, inclusive and creative tools to help consultation. We are starting this project with a week long gathering at ImaginationLancaster where we will begin by establishing a common understanding of our research objectives.

We will be putting these intentions into practice throughout the week by collaborating together on a real project to design new tools for non-written consultation. This week-long project will involve the PhD students and Research Associates in Leapfrog, but also the accademics involved from both ImaginationLancaster and the Institute of Design Innovation at The Glasgow School of Art. This group of academics includes experts in evaluation, digital tool design, engagement and social media.

We will be presenting our ideas as they progress through the week on this website, but also on the dedicated Leapfrog website. This is completed but very much waiting for content to be added. You can see how quickly this grow in the comming weeks here: