Liveable Cities built environment audits begin in Lancaster

Researchers are collecting data on the condition of built environment features within different neighbourhoods

This week, Christopher Boyko and Claire Coulton began auditing the built environment in two neighbourhoods in Lancaster as part of the Liveable Cities project’s Wellbeing Research Challenge. Using the State of Place app (a web 2.0 version of the Irvine-Minnesota Inventory), the pair walked through the John O’Gaunt and Scotforth West wards and audited a number of A roads, B roads, minor roads and local streets. Next week, they will be in the Westgate and Heysham North wards.

These audits sit alongside the wellbeing questionnaires that already have been completed by residents in the four wards mentioned above. Taken together, we can examine if there is a relationship between people’s wellbeing and the built environment in which they live.