Making in the City [3D Printing] Design Jam

Making in the City [3D Printing], offered a successful and acclaimed introduction to the series of Cities Design Jams, by the Imagination team at Lancaster

Making in the City [3D Printing], was the first of three highly interactive design ‘Jams’ specially created for the London Fusion project. Cities Design Jams bring together businesses from across the creative and digital industries to co-create commercially viable ideas that will shape cities and enhance the lives of their residents.

The Design Jam featured a series of presentations by invited guests on and around the theme of 3D printing, and the many benefits of it to commercial growth. The afternoon session was devoted to developing ideas and synergies around themes connected to collaborative idea sharing and intense dialogue. To facilitate this activity, Imagination team staff provided guidance and support to the invited audience, enabling them to develop and define novel and challenging concepts for further refinement and eventual presentation later in the day.

At the end of the afternoon session, the event witnessed four wonderful presentations by teams formed in and around specific themes, ranging from ‘Medical’ through to ‘Personalised Products’. The winning team presented a strong and carefully considered business ‘proposition’ that focused on designing and creating a highly bespoke back brace system to negate the effects of the debilitating condition of spinal scoliosis. As a result of winning the presentation of ideas, the group will now receive support of specialist business advice by the London Fusion partners, enabling them to take their idea’s to market.