Planning session with Lancaster City Council officers

Online workshop

On the 27th of August,we facilitated an online workshop to gather insights from LCC officers involved in the process. Ten participants engaged in a session and together we explored three themes: 1) energising the community; 2) security; and 3) Public and green spaces. After sharing some views, we identified the following principles:

1. Energising the community

  • Space for greater social cohesion
  • Community building
  • Connectivity between neighbours
  • Sense of ownership
  • Create a place, not a design

2. Security

  • Create a safe place
  • Difference between security and safety: security focuses on preventing the deliberate action directed towards inflicting harm, whether safety refers to the condition of being protected, also depicts the feeling in control of potential risks.
  • Ignite a welcoming feeling

3. Public and green spaces

  • Enhance the great prime geolocation of the estate, highly valued by the residents.
  • Enhance connectivity