Proud Beyond the Castle at Synergize 2014

With presentations from Charles Leadbetter and Liz Sanders preceding our presentation we could not have asked for a better platform for us to talk about the Proud Beyond the Castle project and how this relates to the wider Synergize conference

Synergise was a conference in Lancaster University focusing on Co-Design, Citizen Science and Engagement. This draws on a number of major projects being undertaken in the University, the Creative Exchange knowledge exchange hub, the Highwire doctoral training center, Catalyst! citizen-led innovation and of course own Proud project on co-design of public space.

The conference itself attracted around 100 people with an interesting mix of academics, companies and community groups. This was a very good fit for the Proud message and in particular the Beyond the Castle project. It was interesting the richness and variety (and volume) of questions that followed. These included discussions of co-design with aboriginal and other ‘outlying’ communities, discussion of the place co-design projects play in the academic landscape and how to capture the unintended consequences or actions in the project.

With discussions continuing long into the night this was a really stimulating exchange of ideas, knowledge and insights around Beyond the Castle.