Proud meeting and conference

As part of Dutch design week our first Proud project meeting and one day conference on design and Safety was convened in Eindhoven

With the project now really up and runing we gathered together in Eindhoven to discuss progress but also to exchange new ideas and to meet soem of the prople Brainport (the lead partenr in the Proud Project) think are making an active contribution academicallty and practically in the areas of co-design. While we had a very nice presentation from Kees Dorst on designing out crime and the work he is now doing in Australiea the real highlight was the work of Stephane Vincent of 27Region from Paris. Stephane talked about the activities of region 27 and in particular in their work to re-energise and redersign rural train stations in france.

The intriguing thing about the activities of Reagion27 is that they are quite well published in french but much less so in english. We are planning to work together as part of the Proud project but also on other things to build a stronger collaborative understanding beryeen them and Imagination.