Smart Cities

Dr Marianna Cavada, Associate Editor for the Smart Cities journal, at the Institution of Engineering and Technology

Dr. Marianna Cavada was invited to join the board as an Associate Editor for the ‘Smart Cities Journal’, at The Institution of Engineering and Technology.

During her research for her Ph.D. Engineering in Smart Cities, Marianna has acquired a deep understanding of what makes truly smart cities. Along with her experience in EPSRC research projects (Liveable Cities – while at Birmingham University UK), she is aware of the suite of methodologies of current and proposed infrastructural innovations and their shared benefits. Currently, in her capacity as a Lecturer in Urban Design Policy at Imagination Lancaster along with her teaching responsibilities at the Lancaster School of Architecture, she can understand the policies and design dependencies of smartness.

Marianna mentions: “I am seriously delighted to join the Editorial Board of the Smart Cities Journal at the IET and to work along professionals to bring positive change for cities and benefit people using technological advancements”.

The IET Smart Cities Journal addresses issues on Standards, Design, Technologies, Implementation, Measurements, Applications, Governance, Planning, and Policy – as seen in the Journal Overview  and current issue (Vol2 2020). All Article Processing Charges (APCs) are waived for submissions received before the end of 2020.

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