Walking with Lancaster Councillors

Touring walk with the councillors to discuss their views about Mainway.

On the 26th of August, we facilitated the same toured walk around Mainway with five councillors with the intention of gaining their views on the refurbishment (renovation) or regeneration (rebuilding) options. In this regard, one councillor said:

“We want to find out what the residents want so this estate can be reutilised as they please. For instance, the bin areas do not serve their purpose and they have been used to dumping other stuff.”

All the councillors shared the belief that Mainway could be one of the most vibrant and thrilling urban areas in Lancaster, but they had different views on how to make it happen. One councillor focused on connecting the South-West side of the estate, divided by Owen Road, with the North-East side. Another one shared a vision where Mainway would become a village again:

“I would make it a village again, stop thinking about houses. What’s a village look like? How do you know about the centre? How do you know your neighbours? How do you enjoy each other’s company? What things are around a village?”

Another one said:

“At the moment it is called Mainway, that is a road, and it doesn’t seem to me to be very attractive. I would move people closer together, so they could see each other, talk to each other”.