Emad Alyedreessy

PhD Researcher

Architectural Design, Design Management

Emad is an ARB registered Architect and Design Manager with over 5 years of experience managing multidisciplinary design teams in the UK and the Middle East. He holds a BA (Hons) in Architecture from the University of Plymouth, a Master of Architecture (MArch) from the Manchester School of Architecture and an Advanced Diploma in Professional Practice (ARB/RIBA) from the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Emad’s academic interests centre on the relationship between social interaction and architectural space. His PhD research currently attempts to combine space syntax analysis methods with contact tracing technologies and ethnographic mapping to evaluate the influence of spatial typologies and spatial organisation on ‘co-presence’ between inhabitants of urban shared-living communities.


Conferences from Emad Alyedreessy


June 2021 – Presented preliminary paper titled “Coliving Genotypes: Comparing Distinction, Homogeneity and Integration Values Using Small Graph Matching and Inequality Genotypes” at ‘1st International Space Syntax PhD Conference’ at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. https://www.hvl.no/en/research/conference/1st-international-space-syntax-phd-conference/


June 2022 – Presenting pilot study paper titled “A Study of Co-Presence in a University Architectural Studio using Bluetooth Contact Tracing Technology” at ‘13th International Space Syntax Symposium’ at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. https://www.hvl.no/en/research/conference/13sss/


Lectures from Emad Alyedreessy

November 2020 – Presented ‘Time Management: Getting Things Done’ for BA (Hons) Architecture, Lancaster University.

March 2021 – Presented ‘Lean Construction’ for ARCH103 Technologies, BA (Hons) Architecture, Lancaster University.