Current Staff

Hayley Alter

Research Associate Seafood Age

Sanem Bayar

Lecturer in Computational Design

Building Information Modelling (BIM), Computational Design, Visualisation, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Digital Architectural Design, Rapid Prototyping

Adam Blaney

Lecturer in Responsive Architecture

Prototyping, (Re)Programmable Matter, Interdisciplinary Design and Fabrication

Zoe Bolton

Research Development Manager

Leonidas Bourikas

Lecturer in Future Living

environmental design, energy and buildings, smart living, urban microclimate, liveable cities, comfort and behaviour

Joe Bourne

Creative Communications Fellow

Christopher Boyko

50th Anniversary Lecturer in Design

Activism in cities, decision-making, environmental psychology, inter/multi/trans-disciplinarity, liveable cities, public space, qualitative research methods, sustainability, town planning, urban density, urban design, walkability, wellbeing

Mariana Braga

Post-Doctoral Research Associate International

Design Capabilities, Design Policy and Management, Strategic Design, Design Innovation, Product-Service Systems, Human-Centred Design

Mirian Calvo

Lecturer in Participatory Architecture

Community Architecture, Urban Design & Planning, Co-design, Community Engagement, Placemaking, Mutual Learning, Design Innovation, Collaborative Theory & Methods

Marianna Cavada

Lecturer in Urban Design Policy

Urban Design Policy - Smart cities - Urban Engineering- Architect ARB

Pinar Ceyhan

International Lecturer in Design

Elisavet Christou

Post-Doctoral Research Associate Evaluation

Rachel Cooper

Chair in Design

Ana Rute Costa

Senior Lecturer in Architecture | Course Leader BA (Hons) Architecture

Spaces & Tools for Learning, Architecture, Education, Ethnography and Visual Methodologies, Data Visualization

Paul Coulton

Professor of Speculative and Game Design

Speculative Design, Design Fiction, Game Design, Design as Rhetoric, Design Philosophy, Research through Design, Design Futures, More-Than Human Centered Design, Play, Toys

Claire Coulton

PETRAS National Centre of Excellence: Impact and Cohort Development Lead

Wellbeing, Health, Futures, Sharing,

Gemma Coupe

Impact Manager for Beyond Imagination

Leon Cruickshank

Director of Research ImaginationLancaster, Professor of Design and Creative Exchange

Co-Design, Open Design and Innovation, Design for the Public Sector, User Centred and User-Led Design, Interactive Design, Technology and Society, Design Methodology, Design Theory and Philosophy

Paul Cureton

Senior Lecturer in Design (People, Products, Places)

Future Cities, Urban Design, Drones - UAVs, GIS, Geo-Design, Mapping, Landscape, Visualisation

Ruth Dalton

Professor of Architecture

Nick Dunn

Executive Director & Professor of Urban Design

Dark Design, Future Cities, Visioning, Spatial Practices

Des Fagan

Head of Architecture

Architecture Parametric Architecture Complex Geometric Facades Authorship and Architecture Urban Planning with Grasshopper and Rhino Housing and Living ARB Prescription and Pedagogy Urban Sustainability

Rosendy Galabo

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Co-design, design for social innovation, design for knowledge exchange, creative interactions, distributed co-design, digital engagement

Adrian Gradinar

Lecturer in Smart Home Futures

Experiential Futures, Experience Design, Interaction Design, Research through Design, Speculative Design, Design Fiction, Internet of Things

David Green

Senior Research Associate

Rupert Griffiths

Post-Doctoral Research Associate City & Urban

Peter Humphreys

Project and Knowledge Exchange Officer - AHRC Located Making Project

Naomi Jacobs

Lecturer in Design Policy & Futures Thinking

Design Fiction, Design for Policy, Internet of Things, Digital Public Space, Knowledge Exchange, Fan Studies

Bran Knowles

Lecturer in Data Science

Katherine Ellsworth Krebs

Senior Research Associate Sustainability

sustainability, social practices, sustainable consumption, energy

Boyeun Lee

Post-Doctoral Research Associate Prosperity

Design Strategy, Service Design, New Product Development, Digital Innovation, Internet of Things, Data-driven innovation, data-driven design

Joe Lindley

Lecturer in Workplace Futures

Carlos Lopez-Galviz

Lecturer in The Theory and Methods of Social Futures

Alejandro Moreno-Rangel

Post-Doctoral Research Associate - Health

Sustainable architecture, Healthy buildings, Indoor Air Quality, Low-cost sensors, Building Science

Louise Mullagh

Senior Research Associate: Population & Policy

design for policy, strategic design, design and governance, knowledge curation

Badziili Nthubu

Post-Doctoral Research Associate Factory and Workplace

Researcher in Innovation ecosystems, SME disruptive innovations, Co-designing ecosystem networks, Digital fabrication tools, Visualisation methods, Public and private sector engagements.

David Pérez

Lecturer in Radical Co-Design

Co-Design, Social Impact, Design Management, Social Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, Strategic Design

Matt Pilling

Research Associate: Experiencing the Future Mundane

Design, Eco-Effective and Responsive Architecture, Digital Fabrication, Virtual and Physical Model Making, Construction, Electronics.

Serena Pollastri

Lecturer in Urban Futures

visual design, information visualisation, speculative design, polyphonic design, urban+rural futures, food, more-than-human, biodiversity

Jane Quinn

Imagination Co-ordinator

Daniel Richards

Lecturer in Data Prototyping and Visualisation

Design & Manufacturing, Generative Design, Visualisation, Computational Design, Human-Computer Interaction, Digital Fabrication, Speculative Design

Michael Stead

Lecturer in Sustainable Design Futures

(Un)Sustainable technologies, Net Zero, Circular Economy, Research through Design, Prototyping, Visualisation

Glynn Stockton

International Lecturer in Design

Sharon Summers

Partnerships Co-ordinator

Lisa Thomas

Lecturer in Design

Emmanuel Tsekleves

Professor in Global Health Design Innovation

Design for Health & Wellbeing, Global Healthcare Design, Design for Ageing, Design Innovation.

Lisa Turton

Beyond Imagination Coordinator

Stuart Walker


Design for Sustainability, Design Values & Spirituality

Chaoran Wang

International Lecturer in Design

Roger Whitham

Lecturer in Interaction

Collaboration, Tools, Human-Computer Interaction, Visualisation, Virtual Work Environments, Facilitation

Demet Yesiltepe

Research Associate, Home & Living cluster

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Space Syntax Walkability Wayfinding Virtual environments Healthy cities

Current PhD Students

Haider Ali Akmal

Design Fiction, Speculative Design, HCI, Design Research through Philosophy, Designing for Emotion

Emad Alyedreessy

Architectural Design, Design Management

Lee Brewster

Collaborative Design, Community Engagement, Education.

Sejal Changede

Design for Sustainability, Traditional Knowledge and Practices, Design Management, Practice-based Design Research

Hannah Field

Design for Health, Quantified Selves, Life Logging

Zitong Gao

Design Management for the digital age, New Product Development, User-centered Design

Khairun Nisa Mustaffa Halabi

PhD Student / Design and Behavioural Change, User Experience, Packaging Design, Product Design, Consumer Behaviour

Yujia Huang

Design Thinking, Creative Enterprise, Experience Design, Design strategy, Consumer Behaviors, Omni-channel Retailing

Mohd Suhaimi Ismail

Insight from Service Design to inform the Architectural Design Process

Seo Young Kim

City branding, City image, Strategic design, Cultural production, Brand communication

Nuri Kwon

Design for Policy, Design Management, Technology Transfer, Placemaking, Speculative Design, Visualisation

Violet Owen

Evaluation, Education Policy, Community Engagement.

Meg Parivar

Design against crime interventions, Loss prevention, Design strategy, User experience design, Product design and development

Agnes Pau

Packaging Design, Online Retailing, Sustainable Design

Amirul Razali

Automotive Design, Public Transportation, Active Commuting Strategies through Design, Identity in Product Design, Societies and Culture-related components in Product Design.

Justin Sacks

postcapitalist economics, commons governance, distributed manufacturing

Mafe Salazar

Social Innovation, Social Impact, Design for Health and Wellbeing, Food Design, Service Design, Gender Equality, Sustainable Futures, SDGs

Kakee Scott

Sustainability, consumption, design for new economics

Kim Snooks

HCI, User Experience Design, Wellbeing-Driven Design, Design Fiction, Speculative Design

Hannah Stewart

Commons based peer to peer communities, Makers, Non-market based economies, Governance, Digital Public Space, Data accumulation

Yueyi (Joy) Wang

Design Management, Fashion Business Management, Design Innovation, Co-branding strategy, New product development process

Laura Wareing

Socially responsible design, co-design, inclusive design, design for policy, creative engagement

Xinya You

Design thinking, Branding, Innovation, Organisation, Management

Wanlin Zhang

Design for sustainability; Culturally significant design; Craft-design collaboration

Yuxin Zhao

Urban Design; Cultural Research in Cities Development; Smart Cities; Spatial Innovation; Design Management; Visualisation;Marco regulation and zoning system;

Former Staff

Dr Pragya Agarwal

Reader in Spaces and Places, September 2009 to December 2012 Place and Sense of Place, Spatial Cognition, Navigational Technologies, Mobility, Information Visualisation, Semantics and Spatial Ontologies Pragya is a Reader in ImaginationLancaster, and leads the 'PLACE Lab'.

Dr Noor Aldoy

Design and Innovation Manager - Lancaster China Catalyst Programme , July 2013 to July 2016 Digital Design, Industrial Design, Visualisation, Design Practice, Design Education

Pam Allen

AHRC Design Leadership Fellowship Coordinator

Dr Bijan Aryana

Lecturer. Design Thinking, User Experience, Emerging Design, Country-specific Design, International Design

Sam Birchall

Multi-user Environment Programmer, AI, Programming, Philosophy, Knowledge Exchange, Pedagogy

Dan Burnett

Research Associate Research Through Design, Game Design, Human Computer Interaction, Computer Modelling

Dr Monika Büscher

Senior Lecturer, April 2011 to July 2018 Sociology / Anthropology / Cultural studies of mobilities, Technology (futures), Video Ethnography and Design, Ethnomethodological studies

Dr Valerie Carr

Lecturer, April 2009 to October 2011 Design for health and wellbeing, therapeutic environments, workplace design, post occupancy evaluation, community engagement, design for social innovation, codesign

John Chisholm

Senior Research Associate - Design Management, May 2012 to December 2016 Innovation, Design Management, European Policy, Business Support

Dr Stephen Clune

Senior Lecturer in Design, September 2013 to May 2017 Design for Sustainability, Design and Behavioural Change

Loura Conerney

AHRC Design Leadership Fellowship Communications Officer

Dr Angela Connelly

Senior Research Associate, December 2014 to December 2015 design for sustainability, risk and resilience, sustainable heritage, design futures

Malé Luján Escalante

International Lecturer in Design Ethics through Design, Creative Exchange, Digital Public Space, Philosophy of Technology, Feminist Techno-science, Mobilities

Martyn Evans

Head of Department: Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts, August 2007 to August 2015 Design, Design Management, Design Futures, Design Strategy, Design and Branding, Design Policy, Design Thinking, New Product Development

Elena Kate Gifford

Research Associate Design, Design Futures, Cultural Products and Practices, Regeneration

David Hands

Design Policy Development; Design Briefing; Design Leadership; Designing against Crime; New Product Development.

Drew Hemment

Art Curation, Open Data, Social Technologies, Smart Cities, Digital Innovation

Lorenz Herfurth

Research Associate, August 2009 to June 2011 Innovation, Knowledge Exchange, Design Research, Design Management for Sustainability, Design Thinking

Dr Ricardo J. Hernandez

Lecturer Design and Innovation, May 2014 to December 2016 Design Management, Innovation, Sustainable Design, Product-Service Systems, Design Process

Rachael Hill

Design Visualiser

Jonny Huck

Research Associate, December 2012 to August 2015 Cartographic Design, GIS, Data Visualisation, Place Theory, Space Legibility, Remote Sensing

Dr Jeyon Jung

Senior Research Associate, May 2014 to March 2017 Design Management, Design Thinking, Service Design, Design for Sustainability, Design & Culture

Dr Sabine Junginger

Lecturer, April 2007 to March 2012 Design in the Organization, Design and Change, Design Management, Design Thinking, Human-Centered Product Development, Design Theory

Kiel Long

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, January 2018 to August 2018 Human-Computer Interaction, Interactive artefact design, Designing for health and wellbeing, Mindfulness and Mindlessness

Vicky Lund

Proud Project Administrator, August 2013 to March 2015

Laura Marinello

Team Coordinator, October 2011 to September 2012

Dr Francesco Mazzarella

AHRC Design Leadership Fellow Research Associate design activism; service design; social innovation; sustainable futures; fashion and textile craftsmanship

Emma Murphy

Design Management, Research Methodology & Methods, Branding (Organisational, Place and Services), Design Thinking, Design Procurement, Briefing Process, Design and Business.

Corinne Pritchard

Design Visualiser, February 2014 to February 2016 User experience, interaction design, visualisation, information design

Dr Lakshmi Priya Rajendran

Senior Research Associate in Urban Design, January 2016 to January 2017 Architecture and Urban design, Identity and belonging, Superdiversity, Comparative Urban Studies, Socio-spatial practices, Space and Place, Environmental Psychology,Critical Social and Digital media

Paul Rodgers

Design Disruption, Design and Care, Social Innovation, Disciplinarity, Design Interventions

Daniela Sangiorgi

Service Design, Design for Public Services, Service Innovation

Nicola Sarjent

Team Coordinator, October 2011 to March 2015

Tabitha R Sims

Research Associate, conscientization : praxis intervention : phronesis : barefoot communities : community co-design : interaction design : user led service design

Debbie Stubbs

Leapfrog Design Project Manager (maternity cover), May 2017 to March 2018

Ruth Templeton

Imagination Coordinator and PA to Professor Rachel Cooper

Muhammad Umair

Senior Research Associate, September 2020 to July 2021, Data-driven design, Digital health, Co-design, Physical computing

Dr Poone Yazdanpanah

Senior Research Associate, June 2016 to May 2018 Design for Sustainability, Tradition and Transition, Meanings and Values, Crafts and Architecture

Former PhD Students

Disaya Chudasri

Design for Sustainability, Handicrafts, Design for Branding & Marketing, Collaborative Approaches, Design Management, Identity/Packaging/Graphic Designs

Eun Yu

Understanding Service Design practices and contributions to New Service Development