Yujia Huang

Design Thinking, Creative Enterprise, Experience Design, Design strategy, Consumer Behaviors, Omni-channel Retailing

Yujia has years experiences worked with different types of enterprises in China, she worked as an operation manager in the large chain commercial plaza (Wanda Group), as a strategist helped startups create new business from scratch, and as a user research leader in FromD design consultancy served multiple companies. Her education background started from New Media Design at Hunan Normal Univerisity (China) Her graduation project about animal protection used video and sculptures, it was the first interactive installation design of School of Fine Art. Her postgraduate study completed at Brunel University (UK) in Design and Branding Strategy. Accomplished a first-class dissertation about creating a branding strategy for small designer brands in London (Titel: Striking a Friendship Between Small “B” and Wider “C”).

As a practising design strategist, her current research interests have moved towards understanding design ‘thinking’ as an excellent means to understand the changing landscape of consumer behaviour, the interrelationship between physical living environment, human demand and business, and chances and challenges for contemporary business. Thereafter, to answer how these transformations could lead to new business opportunities in the retail industry both the UK and China.

Ongoing project:

D.F.I (Design.Future.Innovation.) Design Jam: the Design Jam is aiming to build a co-creation and interactive space for knowledge exchange between design, business and technology and lead to educational and organizational innovation. The jam encourages the disruptive collaboration by hands-on design thinking activities, in order to accelerate participants’ creativity towards business innovation.


Huang,Y.(2018). The present status and future direction of design and design management in China. In: D.Hands, Design Management: the essential handbook. London: Kogan Page, 213-221.