Yuxin Zhao

Urban Design; Cultural Research in Cities Development; Smart Cities; Spatial Innovation; Design Management; Visualisation;Marco regulation and zoning system;

Yuxin Zhao is a designer and a researcher, currently a Ph.D. student in LICA. Her experiences through urban design, landscape structure, smart cities innovation, cultural design and design management.  Xin’s general research and interests include Sustainable urbanism; Compound-oriented development; Fabric revolution in urban increment; Urban macro regulation and Zoning system.

Her biophilia architectural feature work honored Outstanding Graduation Design Works Award in 2015. And then exploding research scope in interdisciplinary studies. She began to research public understanding and awareness of Eco-cities with visualization design; cultural inheritance in revitalization; multi-spatial responsibility; the future of smart cities and harmonious societies. In particular, she is interested in the cultural role of the smart city comprehensive system.

Also, she is a Chinese Ambassador at Lancaster University. Her creative paintings exhibited in several galleries across Nanjing (China) and the UK.