Zitong Gao

Design Management for the digital age, New Product Development, User-centered Design

I hold a Bachelor degree in Industry Design (Design School, Jiangnan University, China) and a Master degree in Design Management (Lancaster University, UK). My research interests cover: Design management, New Product Development, Innovation Design, User-Centered Design and Big Data Research. At present, I am conducting an interdisciplinary PhD study between management and design disciplines in Lancaster university. The direction of my research is intended to through the research on the advanced design management discipline in Britain, exploring how to apply user-centered design management to help the Internet Service Product development and innovation of China’s SMEs in the background of the digital age. In order to to develop more effective new product development process to adapt to Chinese companies’ development in the knowledge economy age. This research will contribute to not only academia, but also help China‚Äôs SMEs and emerging enterprises to face up to the challenges of new economy to enterprise innovation.