Developing the future of adaptive materials based on HD-reprogrammable matter

The Developing HD-reprogrammable matter project is a 6-month feasibility study project funded by Connected Everything ii, starting in October. The aim of the project is to prototype physically adaptive material samples that highlight the potential trajectory for the future of sportswear. The project opens up an exciting collaboration between Design and Chemistry at Lancaster and the project’s industry consultant.

Currently, significant waste (financial, material, land) and pollution are generated from industrialised manufacturing and artificial materials because form is imposed upon materials/matter. As a result, our artificial objects, products, clothes and buildings can not physically adapt to fluctuating design demands, or, self-heal when damaged. Imagine instead, if we could physically adapt and update the materials that make-up our material world. This project will develop how matter can be reprogrammed to create physically adaptive materials for the future of sportswear. The 6-month project will be developed through iterative prototyping, in collaboration with Lancaster’s material science institute, as a means to investigate the implications and opportunities of what it would mean if matter that can be reprogrammed at high-resolutions.

Currently, we are looking for a research associate to joining our team. For more information please see the advertisement link or get in touch via email.





  • EPSRC: Engineering and Physical Sciences Council