Hunting with Imagination

It’s been a long year and we’ve missed seeing our Imagination colleagues in real life. In September 2020 we had planned a treasure hunt, but another lockdown meant we had to postpone it. Finally restrictions are easing so we decided that we could have a fun and socially distanced treasure hunt around Williamson Park, Lancaster.

With painted rocks to find, and a map to guide them, our intrepid designers ventured out into the wilds of the park, braving splatters of raindrops to complete their missions and return safely to base.

Team Finding Nemo survived the hunting thru the storm! … we had a blast
We had three teams, Finding Nemo, Team Gollum, and The Winchesters.
Such a good day today! Thank you so much! It was such a lot of fun for us, and it was lovely to bump into Team Gollum ( I wish we’d have bumped into Finding Nemo too! AND SO COOl to look at everyone’s pics and films afterwards!
A selection of photos below, out of friendship I haven’t posted the video clips they had to do as part of the ‘torturous tasks’.