Roger Whitham

Lecturer in Interaction

Collaboration, Tools, Human-Computer Interaction, Visualisation, Virtual Work Environments, Facilitation

+44 (0) 1524 510887

Roger is a designer and a researcher with a range of commercial and academic experience centred on the design of interaction; physical, digital, human-to-computer and human-to-human. He has research and commercial experience in user interface design, user experience design, collaborative design, personal information management, information design and visualisation.

His recent work has focused on enabling people to collaborate and think in new ways, particularly through tools designed for and co-designed by communities. Underlying this is a deep interest in the technologies we use to control information, the structures underpinning work activity, and the evolution of practice alongside these. He has a particular focus on tools, both as resources that can transform the particular challenges individuals face, and as a means to transform the capabilities of organisations and communities. Recent funded projects include The Creative Exchange (AHRC) and Leapfrog (AHRC), both revolving around researching and proposing new ways, means and languages of collaboration.

Projects from Roger Whitham