Haider Ali Akmal

Design Fiction, Speculative Design, HCI, Design Research through Philosophy, Designing for Emotion

My research concerns Speculative Design by designing through Fictional Narratives on the intricacies of human experiences around techonology. Currently on the PETRAS Project I’m looking at how Design Fiction can be used to further understand interactions between human(s) and digital. With a background in fine arts my interests in research stem from my art practice working on the definition of memories as fermented experiences and our empathic relationship towards them. I’m very much interested in the potential of philosophy as a tool to steer design research towards unearthing unique HCI, and in aiding in understanding complex socio-technological problems.

I am a printmaker, design futurist, researcher, and writer (at times). Originally from Lahore my work as a visual artist has been exhibited in galleries in Pakistan, Dubai, Austria, USA, and London. I have a BFA from the National College of Arts, Lahore, and a MA in Design Management from Lancaster University, UK.