The ReWiiRe project aims to investigate the use of computer game technology, in physical rehabilitation. It  is a collaboration between Brunel University London, Lancaster University and Anglia Ruskin University.

An initial 15 month exploratory research study (funded by the NHS London Regional Innovation Fund and Brunel University London), involving five National Health Service (NHS) sites,  investigated patient and therapist experiences of using the Wii as an adjunct to physiotherapy.  Data from this study was used to inform the design and development of a personalised stroke therapy device using adapted Wii technology, professional game authoring software combined with a game engine, for rehabilitation of the arm after stroke. The device uses games and activities which can be personalised to an individual’s needs with regards to range of movement and speed.

The system was tested for acceptability with three stroke survivors with differing levels of disability. Participants reported an overwhelming connection with the system and avatar. A two-week, single case study with a long-term stroke survivor showed positive changes in all four outcome measures employed, with the participant reporting better wrist control and greater functional use. To read more on these outcomes click here.

The research team is currently conducting a study examining the feasibility and acceptability of the newly developed device with stroke survivors with varying degrees of upper limb impairment (supported by the Association of CharteredPhysiotherapists in Neurology and by the Enterprising Academics scheme from Anglia Ruskin University).

The study is taking place at Brunel University LONDON. Further information about the study and information of how to be involved in the study can be found HERE.