Developing Community-Led Solutions to Antimicrobial Resistance: Building a One Health Approach in Low and Middle Income Countries

The overall ambition of this project is to contribute to decreasing the demand for antimicrobials and ensuring good usage of necessary antimicrobials in low and middle income countries. Whilst this project alone cannot solve these issues, by bringing together the expertise of multiple researchers and stakeholder networks, we hope to move towards this ambition. Throughout the project, we will liaise with policy makers, development partners and academics to highlight the potential of CE to address AMR.

The One Health CE-AMR Challenge Cluster is an ambitious 12 month project, which brings together experts in the fields of Social Anthropology, Community Engagement, Health Economics, Participatory Arts for Development, Policy Development, Participatory Design for Global Health, Public-Health Epidemiology, Health Communications, Experimental Parasitology, Veterinary Science, Environmental Science and Zoology. Our aim is to investigate the potential of community engagement (CE) to address the global threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) particularly within the context of low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). AMR is a major challenge, particularly acute in LMICs, including in our focal countries (Nepal, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Ghana) due to a combination of factors, including growing populations, limited health infrastructure and the accessibility of antimicrobials without medical advice or prescription. We are especially interested in developing One Health approaches, which understand the need to address AMR holistically through an exploration of human and animal health, agriculture and the environment.

The GCRF Challenge Clusters are research community driven projects that identify new Challenges that can be addressed through clustering of current or previously funded GCRF projects whilst also leveraging external expertise to accelerate impact, share knowledge and build capability and capacity beyond GCRF.  The GCRF Challenge Clusters are a two-stage investment – providing seed funding for 21 initial projects over 12 months followed by second stage funding for up to 8 projects over the subsequent three years.

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