Creative IDEAS book completed

A book documenting the activities and specifically the new techniques and approaches developed under the HEIF4 funded Creative IDEAS project

This book describes some of the processes, activities and approaches we have developed over the last 18 months as part of the knowledge exchange activities of ImaginationLancaster, the Design Research lab in Lancaster University. It also articulates the philosophy we are developing around design and its engagement with knowledge exchange. Our approach has a few defining characteristics.

  • We design knowledge exchange, using both new and well proven design processes and methods we facilitate knowledge exchange activity that responds to as specific context and so is different every time rather than adopting a standard approaches and mechanisms.
  • We are research human to human interaction (knowledge exchange). Our activities are informed and inform academic research in design, management and knowledge exchange.
  • We have no interest in multiple delivery of an approach beyond one or two iterations to hone and establish the effectiveness of an approach. We do not occupy the same position in the knowledge exchange ecology as consultants, rather we write the papers and books that consultants read for their inspiration.
  • We use visualisation as one of our core strategic activities in the development but also delivery of activities with communities, academics and most of all business.

This places us at an important cross-roads where academic research and business interact to create impact. Its part of our intention to remove the tensions between excellent research and highly effective business engagement, here we hope to develop both in a mutually supporting virtuous circle of reflection and application.

If you would like a copy of this book please contact Dr. Leon Cruickshank