Dr. Lawrence Boakye: G Up partner introduction

I am inspired by the relevance of African Epistemology and its impact on change and development. I have passion for African world views and indigenous cultures and knowledge systems as leading inspiration toward a new comprehensive undertsanding of the role of designers, artisans, sculptures, carvers and other local Ghanain inovators or inventors and their contribution towards development.

As a member of G-Up research project I intend to contribute through looking into some characteristics or features of African/Ghanaian (indigenous) world-views and knowledge systems, and to strenghten the link between indigenous knowledge, technology, and producitivity. The G-Up research group intends to pay attention to how indigenous knowlegde is transfered, its contribution to sustainability and development in Ghana and the need to promote further education and training of our talented local inovators. It is meant to revamp knowledge transfer from different parts of Ghana with the intention of improving the process of creativity and productivity. G-Up research program uses an all inclusive approach to help project indigenous knowledge, world views, and the culture in our villages, towns and communities towards a necessary social change as well as well supporting Africa’s struggle for sustainable development through art.


Dr. Lawrence Boakye

Lecturer: Philosophy and Religion