Liveable Cities mobilities and wellbeing focus groups begin in Lancaster

Three mobilities and wellbeing focus groups took place in Heysham, Morecambe and Lancaster during the week of 1 December 2014... with one more to go

Led by Dr. Katerina Psarikidou (Sociology) and assisted by Dr. Claire Coulton and Dr. Chris Boyko (ImaginationLancaster), 3 focus groups took place last week, with two in Heysham and Morecambe, and one in Lancaster. Like our Liveable Cities focus groups in Birmingham, participants began by filling in a wellbeing questionnaire. They then took part in three activities that got them thinking about how they travel in, around and out of their town. The focus groups ended with a discussion about food and how participants got their food. All in all, the focus groups were very successful and we learned a lot from our participants, but we’re not finished yet: we still have another focus group in Lancaster this week!

Thanks to all our participants and for those organisations that helped us in allowing the focus groups to happen, including the West End Impact Centre (Morecambe), Stanley’s Youth & Community Centre (Heysham) and St. Paul’s Parish Hall (Lancaster).