Micro-garden regular meet up 22/09/21

On a lovely late summer evening the micro-gardeners met on site to socialise and to enjoy planting more of the raised beds. Three beds have now been assigned to different individuals and families for regular use and upkeep. We discussed how we were each planning to paint/ decorate them to provide some much needed colour on site over the winter months.

The group of four members (plus three children) were joined by Emily who runs ‘Morecambe and More’ magazine, which serves as a local community and business hub. Emily spent the evening interviewing Bev (the ‘Good Things Collective’ project leader on site), and she will be writing an article about the garden to be published in the next few weeks. You can access the article here – Morecambe And More.

The remaining group members spent the evening planting some young winter vegetables and doing a litter pick on site to ensure it was tidy for the next Growing Together workshop that Saturday.