Participation Invitation - Chatty Factories Study

We are looking for designers to take part in a remote study through Zoom, which will take no longer than 2 hours of your time. Product designers, interaction designers, and engineers with experience in the design of physical products are all welcome. You will be reimbursed with a £20 Amazon voucher for your time.

We are investigating the potential for using telemetry data alongside video capture in the development and investigation of design research questions. You will be introduced to a product, video, and telemetry data from its use and be tasked with completing several tasks around it using an online collaborative whiteboard tool called Miro.

Experience with data analysis is not required.

This study is part of our 36-month EPSRC-funded project called Chatty Factories where we are exploring the future of data-driven product design.

If you are available for two hours between 18th and the 31st of May please email