World Economic Forum Highlight Imagination research on Sustainable Internet of Things

WEF State of Connected World 2020 Edition

We are delighted to see our work on designing a sustainable Internet of Things featured in the recent feature in the latest report on the state of the connected world by the World Economic Forum.

The report relates to concisering how we might realise the full benefits of the Internet of things starts by ensuring we thoroughly understand of both challenges and opportunities. One of the key challenges is to ensure we design IoT products and services with sustainability as a core aim to ensure we are not added to the moutains of e-waste discarded electronic products already produce. The report highlights our work for The PETRAS National Centre of Excellence for IoT Cybersecurity which considered howsustainability should sit alongside security and privacy as key considerations. Much of this work can be found in The Little Book of Sustainability for the Internet of Things available for free download on the PETRAS website.