Design Research with Imagination - a podcast looking at our research and imagining the future of design research.

Enjoy listening to podcasts which make you ponder? Looking for an exploration of, and deeper insights into, the motivations and background of some of the research undertaken by ImaginationLancaster? Then we have you covered …

Starting early 2022 we will be producing a short-form podcast once a month featuring our amazing team of researchers discussing their research, their interests, and how they think the future of design research will unfold.

Our podcast premiere will be available for your listening pleasure on Thursday 3rd February 2022. All the links will be on this page and also listed on your favourite podcast app.

LICA office pod among the trees

This is not the ‘pod’ you are looking for …

Upcoming Podcasts

3rd March 2022

Dr Chris Boyko, Dr Marianna Cavada, and Dr Mirian Calvo will discuss what makes a “good” city.

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7th April 2022

Prof Nick Dunn and Dr Rupert Griffiths will discuss our dark skies

5th May 2022

Dr Elisavet Christou, Dr Adrian Gradinar, and Dr Pinar Ceyhan will discuss the importance of evaluation and their new online tool to help organisations ‘do’ evaluation effectively.

1st June 2022

Dr Joe Lindley and Dr David Green will discuss the role that Design Research plays in understanding rapidly-changing relatonships between individuals, society, and technology.

7th July 2022

Prof Rachel Cooper and Prof Leon Cruickshank will discuss design research, Imagination, and our future

Season 1

Episode 1 (transcript)

Episode 2 (transcript)