Create Workshop

Applying cutting edge research in creativity and design we determined that almost by definition that anyone involved in business will be creative and have the potential for that creative ability to be amplified and extended. This can be achieved by structuring problem solving activities and realising that after an intense period of work on a problem there should be a period of reflection that enables inventive ideas to emerge.

We introduced a number of approaches to help explore ideas and concepts in the initial ‘hard graft’ stage of idea development. We did this through all participants directly experiencing one of these approaches for enough time to really get a flavour of the experience and then reporting back to the group as a whole.

In addition to ‘classical’ brainstorming we designed 3 new approaches specifically tailored to creativity in SMEs, these were, Creative Thinking Hats (reacting against de Bono), Bad Ideas (a technique for side-stepping the self-censorship of ideas) and Physical Problem Solving (looking at the fundamentals of creativity and collaboration).