Design Fiction and the Internet of Things

Our research using Design Fiction to consider futures for the Internet of Things is featured by IOTUK

The Internet of Things is beginning to make changes in all sectors, in all parts of the UK and across the world. From applications on the factory floor, in shops, in the doctor’s surgery and in people’s homes, the technology is being used to make changes to how we understand ourselves and how we control the world around us. With everything from smart fridges and kettles that you can control from your phone, through to self-driving cars and lorries, drones that can deliver your shopping or can monitor traffic and parking – the connected future is going to means changes to everyone’s lives. The challenge is then how we allow people to consider these futures in a meaningful way so that they can ensure its a future that is preferable – in Imagination we are addressing this challenge through Design Fiction. This technique is explained in this short film from IoTUK.