Euthanasia Wearable Design Fiction

Following the co-design workshops at Lancaster and Falmouth two design fictions have been developed.

The Euthanasia Wearable Design Fiction comprises of two documents, namely a quick start guide, a anti-Euthanasia campaign flyer and a Euthanasia Wearable prototype. The Euthanasia WearableDesign Fiction is an direct response of our older people co-designer group to the needs for self-control and living with dignity.

The Design Fictions aim in creating a visual and fictitious world of what the future may be like and can be downloaded for free. The aim is to explore whether co-designed Design Fictions could help older people to increase their engagement with policymakers developing a discussion on Ageing in Place, loneliness and isolation.


Euthanasia Wearable Quick Start Guide

Download PDF [0.2MB]

Anti-Euthanasia Protesting Flyer

Download PDF [0.3MB]