Funding Accelerator - A Bid Writer's Experience

One of our bid writers, Jane Moodie from Active Lancashire, sent us this to add to our blog. 

When myself and Tamasin were first informed of the project our first thoughts were ‘will we be out of our depth’, ‘will the others be really knowledgeable on writing funding bids’.

However our colleague soon put our mind at rest by putting us in contact with Sharon who immediately made us both feel very welcome. Our biggest regret now is that we did not attend the workshops from day one however what we did attend has put us both in a very good position as we are ready to submit our bid.

The opportunity to attend the bid retreat was fantastic and it was surprising just how much work was covered being in such a surreal surrounding with no outside distractions. Leon, Sharon and Gemma’s offer of constant support created confidence within me and Tamasin. Tamasin has never written a bid and wanted to watch and pick up tips on how to complete a good funding bid. What was invaluable was the networking and making friends. Some of us had shared interests which has enabled us to go on to further meetings together to look at other future bids.

I would really like to think there will be more of these projects and bid retreats as they are really what you need to take time out to put what are important funding bids together for our projects/organisations. This project will have helped to create some successful bids which will give other people job opportunities and assist in giving people healthier lifestyles.


Jane and Tamasin
Jane Moodie
CSI Project Co-ordinator
Active Lancashire