Generative Social Distancing - Design Team Development

The project is currently undergoing design development with the design team, ready for implementation through printing next week.

We are holding daily short (30m) meetings to keep up the pace of the project and to hit our 15th June deadline for opening.

An interesting development is that we have been approached by the LCC leader for Business to explore possible use of the model for all retailers in the Lancaster region – an option we are exploring at the moment for feasibility.

We are also considering opening the Storey as a ‘The Generative Spacing Lab @ Storey’ for the second week of operation, and inviting retailers from the service industry to explore and consult with both the research team and design team.

Wash Studio have submitted their first design draft approach to signage which considers geometrical shapes in addition to colour.

The Client Team LCC were happy with the approach, and the chosen design is currently being developed.

Social Distance Lab @ Storey, Lancaster – Opening on the 25th June

A collaboration with Lancaster City Council – research into automated design approach using algorithms to predict the most efficient wayfinding signage composition. The ground floor of the Storey building has been transformed into a socially distanced space for local businesses to come and meet us to consult on best practice for their own stores, cafes, restaurants and bars in Lancaster.

Time lapse video of Wash Studios installing the signage for social distancing.