Getting to Grips with Knowledge Exchange for New IDEAS

The first few weeks of my time at Imagination focusing on the New IDEAS project have flown by.  During this time, I have had the opportunity to design the mechanisms used in a workshop, produce the design for the New IDEAS project logo, been part of an interview panel for a new Programmer, meet Knowledge Exchange Professionals and explore the area of knowledge exchange through research.  All of these activities have started to shape my understanding of what knowledge exchange is and where the New IDEAS project is heading.

Creating the logo for the project was a good starting point for understanding Knowledge Exchange and the project objectives.  The project aims to discover, develop and bring together strong examples of knowledge exchange into a tool kit, which then can be spread and used independently by others. This is reflected in the final design, which is based on the head of a dandelion, which is dispersing its seeds, which will germinate elsewhere.

Through my on-going exploration of knowledge exchange, I am forming a clear idea of a recipe for knowledge exchange workshops, which creates the optimum environment for participants to openly share and engage in ideas.

The next stage for the New IDEAS project is to prepare for a series of workshops for Knowledge Exchange professionals within the University to share and develop the methods they currently use, which will form a toolkit that they can all take-away and put into practise.