Liveable Cities project meeting in London

Project team discusses progress, engages in knowledge exchange with expert stakeholders

The academic teams from Lancaster University, the University of Birmingham, University College London and the University of Southampton are gathering at the Royal Society in London to share the work they have undertaken with external stakeholders (known as Expert Panellists) since the start of the 5-year, £6 million, Liveable Cities research project in May 2012. From the Lancaster team, Rachel Cooper and Christopher Boyko will present their analysis of over 2,300 wellbeing indicators*, a subset of which will be used to evaluate the wellbeing and quality of life of people living in case study cities and neighbourhoods — specifically Lancaster, Birmingham & Southampton — in 2013. Rachel and Christopher also will lead a discussion with their Expert Panellists about the role of wellbeing and quality of life in achieving a low-carbon city, giving the Experts an opportunity to exchange knowledge about their own experiences, best practice etc.

*please see download for presentation


Wellbeing Indicators Presentation