Olympics Data Visualisation RND


Drew Hemment has been commissioned by the Cultural Olympiad in the Northwest to lead an RND project on the potential for data visualisation for London 2012.

Millions of mouse clicks and thumb prints will generate a huge volume of data. Data is the material for datavisualisation artists, who sculpt, animate and make sense of the data. The data can be analysed to tell compelling stories and create beautiful images. Data visualisation can make visible the flow of global communication and the interaction of millions of people around the world.

The goal is that the RND will lay the groundwork for a major data visualisation artwork presented for London 2012.

The RND was commissioned in Spring 2011 and delivered in August 2011.

Lead contributors are Drew Hemment, Moritz Stefaner, NAND with contributions from Aaron Koblin, Aaron Meyers, Kevin Smith.